Friday, May 29, 2009

There's never a good time...

My husband Frank's mother Anne passed away yesterday. Such a shock and so sudden for the entire family. She raised nine children, which in itself is very overwhelming to me, but each has their own strong personality. With difficult times ahead, I hope all the siblings come together in support and with love. Above is my favorite picture of her that I took at her grandson's wedding last summer...she was happy, proud, and really enjoying herself.

My youngest son Peter wrote a beautiful poem in honor of his grandmother. He wrote this minutes from returning from his Senior Scholarship Awards:

An Ode to her

I hope your God and Heaven does exist
I hope that you are happy there
You've spent your life towards your faith
Going to church as much as you could
Praying for all of us that our lives will be good
I admire you for having such faith
I wish I could share the same
It would make life more simple,
Knowing what comes after life.
I will forever miss you,
And look at the turtle you gave me long ago,
Watching his head bounce back and forth
As you did as a child.

R.I.P. Grandma Boller

Such a loving tribute from the heart.

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