Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little Sign of Spring

 These pictures just show a sampling of my mom's many orchid plants.
 Very beautiful!!!
 And their cat Princess is almost a year old and turning into a pretty young lady.
 My parents' back yard with the many orchids and other plants.

It was a nice visit with my Dad and Mom...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Flower Hunt!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day...I received a beautiful single rose from my son Will and he told me, "The rest is from Dad."  So I waited patiently...
 It was a sort of Easter egg hunt but with flowers!!!  I waited a while, and then decided to go fill up my tea pot and found the lovely tulips on the kitchen table...I moved them so I could see them better...aren't they lovely??

 I went back to admiring the tulips and roses for awhile...
 Then I found this trio of pretty roses at my desk...
 Again, went back to admiring the tulips and making sure my Delft blue was close by...

 Then I found these roses and mums on the wooden chest by the garage door!  I moved them to the alcove next to the front door...I thought for sure I was done!
 Then this sweet heart-shaped arrangement of mums and roses appeared on the stairs!!!

 I couldn't believe all the beautiful flowers!!!  Thank you my Frank and how lucky we are to have Will who works at Costco and is so talented at flower arranging!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Red Velvet Cupcake Valentine's Day!

 Finally finished the red velvet cupcake crocheted scarf...turned out quite well...
 I decided to embellish it with white chocolate "sprinkles" and cream cheese frosting...making me hungry just thinking about it!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Real Birthday, Kara!!

 I still remember how in a hurry you were when you were born!!
 And Will was so excited when we got you home!!
 And you're the cutest girl on this earth I've ever seen!!
Happy Birthday to my Kara and my Maggi dog too!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kara's Birthday tomorrow...

 While in Carmel, we also celebrated Kara's birthday a bit early...we went to one of our favorite restaurants called Turtle Bay and had some yummy and spicy food!
 That's Ben with Kara...he's got a good sense of funny.  We had a lot of fun.
 Kara finally got her cupcakes scarves!!!  I think she liked them...
 Although they look good enough to eat, uh, you're suppose to wear them...
 My beautiful girl is now a young woman...I sure can't believe how quickly the years go and not too long ago, she was born in such a hurry!!
 I hope my girl has a very happy birthday on her real birthday tomorrow!!
Kara's looking at a crochet book with all sorts of wearable food...what shall mom make for me next??  I guess we will see!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beautiful Carmel

 Our 24th Anniversary and Kara's birthday were celebrated in Carmel last weekend...the weather was glorious and much warmer than predicted which made going to the doggy beach heavenly.  Maggi our almost ten year old beagle had never been to the beach before, but she had a fun time and we had fun watching her reactions!
 She was not too keen about the water, but found it quite amusing to be walking on the sand and being around so many other dogs.
 Frank had fun also as he carried the towels in case Maggi got cold from being wet, but it was so sunny and warm as she strolled along the beach and dried up.
 Her first taste of beach life!!  I don't know about this, she says!!
 But Maggi had a great day...even met another Beagle dog and they looked at each other as if they knew one was so cute!
 We had a work out too walking along the beach...I wish we could do this everyday!
 When we got back to our hotel, they had the patio fire place burning for their wine tasting hour...our timing was pretty good!
 Maggi, on the other hand, was sacked out from her super beach walk...tired, happy puppy!
 The sunset was beautiful as we sat sipping our wine from our little balcony...totally glowing!!
The weekend went so fast!  I hope we can go back to Carmel again soon!!