Friday, May 29, 2009

There's never a good time...

My husband Frank's mother Anne passed away yesterday. Such a shock and so sudden for the entire family. She raised nine children, which in itself is very overwhelming to me, but each has their own strong personality. With difficult times ahead, I hope all the siblings come together in support and with love. Above is my favorite picture of her that I took at her grandson's wedding last summer...she was happy, proud, and really enjoying herself.

My youngest son Peter wrote a beautiful poem in honor of his grandmother. He wrote this minutes from returning from his Senior Scholarship Awards:

An Ode to her

I hope your God and Heaven does exist
I hope that you are happy there
You've spent your life towards your faith
Going to church as much as you could
Praying for all of us that our lives will be good
I admire you for having such faith
I wish I could share the same
It would make life more simple,
Knowing what comes after life.
I will forever miss you,
And look at the turtle you gave me long ago,
Watching his head bounce back and forth
As you did as a child.

R.I.P. Grandma Boller

Such a loving tribute from the heart.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beatrix Potter Sampler progress...not much, but some!

I did have some progress stitching Beatrix Potter this month, but not much!! Oh, well...I actually thought I'd have plenty of time to stitch during my recovery from surgery May 12, but that was not to be...I barely had the energy to watch television, and did a fair amount of sleeping and just spending time in bed. But I'm much better now, and made up for lost time over last weekend...I just love this stitch!!!
Above motif is done with Vikki Clayton's Hand dyed silk in the Everlasting...turned out so nice, and I love the ribbon affect of this particular motif. Below, I did the "Token" in Quince 1411 and the little crown in the lighter Fish Pepper 4425. I love the contrasts and how the solids play off the variegated threads.

I'm having so much fun with this sampler, and have already taken thread to fabric for June's progress report in about a month's time. I anticipate June to be a busy month with Peter's graduation, my parents' birthdays, Father's Day, and college orientation for Peter at California State University at Fullerton, so thought I'd better get stitchin' early!! Oh, and did I mention that I'll be job hunting too???

Monday, May 11, 2009

Prom and Mother's Day

This past weekend was a very busy one with Peter going to his Senior Prom and Mother's Day!
Peter and his date Lorena looked so nice together...Peter handsome in his tux, and she in this beautiful, lacy deep purple dress. They looked so happy and had a great evening dancing and dining at the Ronald Reagan Library...a great venue with great views!
Then with sleepy eyes, we drove over to my mom and dad's for Mother's day...not too often someone takes a picture of us together, so glad that my husband Frank did the honors!! It was a nice day, although didn't give my mom much rest as I nodded off on the couch since I waited up late to pick up Peter from prom. Dinner was delicious, and we visited and even watched a bit of the Lakers game...they lost!! Oh, well...such a nice time we had as a family...even Maggi the beagle dog came along! She likes going to Opa and Oma too!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I have pretty smart kids. Sometime too smart for their own good, and too smart for me. Kara, who studies Nutritional Science up at San Jose State University got inducted to the Dean's List during a very festive Honors Convocation. All the professors had on their robes and sashes...the whole regalia!
The entire sports facility was filled with proud family and friends, and the Professor of the Year spoke eloquently about the importance of education and the sorry state of the California budget.
About a week later, my youngest son Peter was again inducted to the National Honor Society and he received a sash that he'll wear with his robe on graduation day.
So we're proud of both of them and hope that the future holds great promise as it should...even in these difficult times, such ceremonies mean more since they give us such hope and remind us that our youth will carry on!