Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yesterday was my mother in law's Visitation and Vigil ceremony. It was done very nicely. Everyone said good-bye in their own way as she laid in her casket. Words of wisdom and faith were shared, along with memorable lessons and stories...some even got knowing giggles from mourners, while tears also flowed. Frank also spoke and told a few stories himself, although he hadn't planned on it, but it was something he had to do...and I think it helped to...but he still a long way to go.

Offerings of flowers looked so beautiful as they surrounded my mother in law. The flowers above were given by my parents who attended to offer support to us. My husband Frank wanted to keep their flowers, and on the way home, the fragrance was wonderful and relaxing...and offered comfort and touched Frank deeply. He's still processing his mother's death, but hopefully the support of others helps.

So hug your loved ones while you still have them...reconcile your differences...unload your burdens and forgive others as well as yourself. Important lessons that constantly need re-learning...I was glad to see the siblings coming together in love and support for one another.


Annelies Dease said...

I am glad the time with family was healing. I hope that the days to come will bring more happy memories for Frank and that the sorrow diminishes. XXX Annelies

Von said...

Continued prayers for your family, esp. Frank, as you mourn the death of his mother. Hugs