Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beatrix Potter Sampler progress...not much, but some!

I did have some progress stitching Beatrix Potter this month, but not much!! Oh, well...I actually thought I'd have plenty of time to stitch during my recovery from surgery May 12, but that was not to be...I barely had the energy to watch television, and did a fair amount of sleeping and just spending time in bed. But I'm much better now, and made up for lost time over last weekend...I just love this stitch!!!
Above motif is done with Vikki Clayton's Hand dyed silk in the Everlasting...turned out so nice, and I love the ribbon affect of this particular motif. Below, I did the "Token" in Quince 1411 and the little crown in the lighter Fish Pepper 4425. I love the contrasts and how the solids play off the variegated threads.

I'm having so much fun with this sampler, and have already taken thread to fabric for June's progress report in about a month's time. I anticipate June to be a busy month with Peter's graduation, my parents' birthdays, Father's Day, and college orientation for Peter at California State University at Fullerton, so thought I'd better get stitchin' early!! Oh, and did I mention that I'll be job hunting too???


Hazel said...

It is looking superb!! xx

Annelies Dease said...

Wow....lovely work and glad you are feeling better. XXX Annelies