Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012!!

 Happy New Year, everyone!! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


As much fun as Christmas was, it sure took it out of me!!  I've been recovering by relaxing and taking it easy...also playing with my new Keurig K-cup machine and my bead charm bracelet!!

No plans for New Year's...maybe I just go to sleep!!  Got some Martinelli Sparkling Cider just in case!!  Just want this week to go slowly!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Wonderful Christmas!

 Maggi our beagle dog all decked out in her Christmas red dress...happily looking at the commotion as my parents and Peter arrived!
 My Mom and Dad having a great time as I played with my new Keurig coffee maker that I got from Will and his siblings.  I came back with some strong cups of coffee for them.  We also ate the Kerstkrans which is a delicious almond pastry in a light flaky crust.
 Frank having a good time...
 We also skyped with Kara...she opened her packages from Opa and Oma, and Boycat came to say hello!  Although we missed Kara being here in person, it was fun to include her in the festivities via the computer.
 Peter and his girlfriend Catherine cuddling on the chair next to the Christmas tree which had too many presents underneath to count!!  Since we open presents one at a time and take turns, it did take us a good three hours to open them all.  It's all in the anticipation and appreciation of it all!!
 Peter got his long awaited cheese knife and a big hunk of Gouda cheese as one of his many presents!
 Will was happy with his leather jacket...I hope he gets long use of it and keeps him warm!
 My Mom a.k.a. Oma was very happy with her new pair of Uggs!!!
And our Maggi doggy looking on with a happy face...she had fun inbetween some of her doggy naps!!!

So another Christmas has come and gone!!  They seem to come faster every year!!  This is one tired Santa!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ready or not...It's Christmas!!

 Santa's been here glad to be done with shopping and wrapping!!
 I love bringing out my Santa Oma gave me this one and just love him!
 The table is all set!  I try to do as much ahead of time so that I can enjoy the company too!
 My wedding china Lenox "Tyler."  Hey, gotta pull out the good stuff once in awhile!!
 And the St. Nicholas my late mother-in-law painted in her ceramics class...beautiful piece!
 I can't wait until we sit around the table for our feast of turkey and prime will be a tight fit with 8...not able to attend is my daughter Kara who is working hard at her job at Stanford University hospital...sure will miss her!
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!  And a Happy New Year in 2012!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Child's Play

 I work as a substitute instructional assistant in a classroom of 32 children.  It's been a gratifying experience, and this week, we were treated to a field trip the the Gardens of the World nearby in Thousand pictures of that, but we had a great time!!!  But the next day, we had our Christmas Park party where we had food provided by generous parents, and the kids could relax and have fun with each other...look at the pals above!!
 And, of course, these stylish young ladies!!  We had foods from a variety of cultures to taste.
 And we also had a kids' favorite...PIZZA!
 Quite a few kiddos tried out the new "snake" equipment in the playground.  This went up and down like a serpent with our gleeful passengers laughing and occasionally falling off!!
 Then on to the chopstick contest!!  The one who picked up the most dried beans in the time allotted would win a very nice pair of chopsticks!!!
 It's not as easy as it looks!!!!
 Takes a bit of concentration!!!
 And a little tricky holding those sticks!!!
 But it can be done!!!
And the winner is...what a happy boy with an even happier teacher looking on!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

 Last weekend, I joined up with Disney friends for the Boat Parade on Huntington Harbor!
 Just two of the beautiful examples of decorated boats that sailed by...
 And a very full and lovely moon!!!
 We sure had a good time with good ol' friends...
 Silliness and laughter abounded along with conversations and sharing memories!
 Oh, and let's not forget about the food...there was dinner and dessert too!
 Our hostess with the mostest is Marquise to the right!!!
 Great smiles...well, hey, we are ex-Disneyland employees, after all!
Everyone had a great time, for sure!!!  Already can't wait until next year!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Family Togetherness

 We hope everyone had as nice a Thanksgiving as we did!!  It was also Frank's birthday, so we did the festivities for him first with presents and a card...he looks pretty happy!
 Peter and his girlfriend Catherine...
 My beautiful mom was glowing with her entire family around her...
 Kara with her Oma...

 Kara with her Opa...
 Frank and me...
 And the turkey...
 Frank carving the turkey with a hopeful Maggi doggy that something will drop...
 Peter, Kara's boyfriend Ben, Kara and Will enjoying the feast...
 More than enough food to go around, and the turkey that Will brined was so tender and delicious...
After dinner, the kids decided to play a game, while the rest of us relaxed in the living room...after a bit of break, we ate homemade pumpkin pie made by Catherine and Peter...then we were stuffed for sure!!  Such a nice Thanksgiving had by us all!