Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Conehead Miss Winky dog...

 My Maggi dog gave me sort of a scare the first night when I discovered her rubbing her face...her eye was bleeding!  Just droplets like tears, mind you, but I freaked out and managed to stop the bleeding with tissue and an ice pack, but as soon as I was done, slapped the cone on her and that's where it's going to stay until it's all healed!
 Maggi's been doing lots of sleeping along with having a healthy appetite.
 She has her cute little pink t shirt on to protect the stitches from the fatty tumor that was removed from her right side...everything is healing nicely, although her eye still looks very swollen.
But she's doing so well!!  We had visitors last night when Kara and her friends spent the night for their Nutrition Convention and Maggi was so excited and was such a social butterfly!!!  She could care less that she was a Conehead...we could all learn from dogs, couldn't we??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maggi's Permanent "Wink"

 I was surprised when picking Maggi up from the Vet that the eye removal stitches didn't look so bad...looks like a permanent "wink."
 Maggi sure was glad to see us!  We had questions for the Vet about the medications and the biopsy, but this doggy wanted nothing better than to go home!!  She's very tired, but happy!!
The Vet said that he felt Maggi was very relieved to have the bad eye gone...I think so too...she seemed very relaxed and joyful.  So now the healing begins, along with pampering and spoiling of the doggy!!

Watch out, Squirrel!

Maggi's coming home soon!!!  She did really well with her surgery!!!

Sweet Maggi dog...

My sweet Miss Maggi dog is at the vet right now for her surgery...positive pet vibes please!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

 We all had a wonderful Easter at my Mom and Dad's house...even though the kids are practically adults now, it's still fun to watch them get their Easter "goodies" from the Easter Bunny!
 Kara and Ben enjoying themselves...
 And Doggy Maggi had a great time too...
 Quite a table full of food that my Mom prepared...num!
 Opa with his grandsons William and Peter...
 Kara and Ben about to dive into the asparagus!
 Yummy honey baked turkey...and there was ham too!!
 Steamed asparagus...and there was fruit salad, garlic mashed potatoes which were inhaled, and waldorf salad.
And, of course, dessert from the Katella Bakery!!!  Yummy cake with fruit, whipped cream and nuts!!

Tomorrow, Miss Maggi dog has surgery to remove the eye that's giving her such trouble with glaucoma, terrible pressure, and a benign tumor.  We're sad, but needs to be done.  So glad she had a happy day around her family on Easter...we love our puppy dog!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has a better Easter than this bunny!!!  He looks like he didn't get enough chocolate in his basket!!!

Happy Easter, everyone!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Qualifying for the Senior Discounts Today...

 My birthday is today, and yesterday my parents came over to celebrate a bit with dinner and gifts.  I requested that my mom bring over my old baby book, so scanned almost the entire thing.  Above, is the very cute cover.
 This was me right after I was Oma (my mom's mom) was there for my birth because my poor Dad was stuck on a broken Merchant Marine ship in Beirut, but he got to meet me later.
 I had no hair!!!  I looked very much like my paternal Opa who also had no hair!!!
 Above is my first birthday...we still lived in Holland then, but soon after in May, we moved to the United States.  Since they did not want me to mess up my birthday dress, they stripped me to my underwear, and I proceeded to carefully eat my birthday cake proving them wrong!
 Out of all the pictures in the baby book, the above one with my mother is my favorite...
Lots of Jacquelines here!!!  So far, having a nice birthday and plan to spread it out during the entire month of April, as usual!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nice Visit...

 Peter and his girlfriend Catherine visited during their Spring break and caught up with old friends...we also celebrated Peter's birthday at Wood Ranch BBQ.
 We had a great time with Chris...what a sense of humor this guy has!!!  Glad he took time out of his busy schedule to come visit with Peter.
Even Maggi was content with all the visitors...later, Kara and Ben stopped by for a day before continuing on to Disneyland and visiting their Opa and Oma.  Now the house is a bit quiet...time to go make some noise!!