Monday, July 26, 2010

A Mystery Knit A Long...DONE!

Knitting this sure was fun!! Here you see Day 6, rows 41 to 48...
And now the finished product with Day 7, rows 49 to 53...gently bind off...and voila!
New little dish cloth hanging on the oven door!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A Mystery Knit A Long...Days 4 and 5

Here you see Day 4, rows 25 to 32 above, and Day 5, rows 33 to 40 below...
I am having so much fun keeping up with this and creating something pretty!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Miracle Apples and Knitting progress...

I was doing some yard work today in order to fill up our landscape trash can when low and behold, I spied something growing in our lone apple tree! I had always heard that I needed another apple tree in order for the tree to produce fruit, but never got to the point in the yard to warrant treating myself to a second tree. Well, someone's got another apple tree somewhere, since growing up the branches are some green apples!!
They are not very big...I took a good close up of them! Actually these apples are suppose to be a large variety, according to QVC at the time. I guess we shall see! I'm just glad some apples are growing at all!! I am totally thrilled!!
Now on to the Mystery Knit-a-long that I joined!! Here, you see my progress of Day 3 of rows 17 through 24...

The cotton yarn is a bit stiff to work with, but I'm having fun following the Mystery knit-a-long pattern. I'm lucky with the way the striping of the yarn is producing such nice color changes.
Looking forward to Day 4!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Mystery Knit A Long...

I "discovered" a very cute blog the last time I browsed the Ravelry website...a Mystery Knit-a- long. So I decided to join for some instant gratification and, of course, out of curiousity what the design would be. To join go to
I selected a variegated cotton yarn by Sugar and Creme and did part 1 which are the first eight rows.
I love the pattern already!!! Great practice with K2Tog and PSSO!
Day 2, the blog gave out the next eight rows...I really do love how this is turning out!
Now I can't wait for yet another eight rows for tomorrow!!! Join me, won't you? Not much to catch up on if you do!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Lucky Kitty in a New Home...

Last Friday, we paid a visit to my parents so Kara could deliver a precious rescue kitty...a very cute Calico! Although only 8 weeks ago, this kitten has a very calm and quiet nature, so Kara thought she'd be perfect for her Opa and Oma.
As you can see, it was love at first sight!!! And no wonder...
Happy New Home!! Gosh, this kitty sure traveled far from San Jose to Cypress, California!!
Kara giving the kitty one last good cuddle!! Such sweethearts!!
Kitty making herself at home already with her first meal. After we were sure the kitty was settling in nicely, we traveled on to visit Kara's grandpa who is being well taken care of at an assistant living house.
Frank's Dad was being particularly chipper and talkative this visit which made Frank and his sister Paula very happy! We even had some good laughs even though on occasion we had to remind him who we we just made the introductions all over again. Living in the moment brought us some happy times!