Monday, November 23, 2009

Seaside with Santa Cruz Side Trip

Over the weekend, Peter and I visited Frank and Kara up north in the San Jose and Seaside City areas. Kara suggested we visit Santa Cruz as a little side trip, and it was so nice...such wonderful Fall like weather...a bit chilly, but sunny enough that we enjoyed ourselves.
The sea lions were sunning themselves under the pier and looked so content.
I'm just loving the views from the beach...and the good sea air!
Peter and Kara trying not to laugh at the camera...the pier behind them is where we had our walk.
The next day, we explored the beach in Seaside where Frank lives. We celebrated his birthday a bit with a nice dinner the night before, and breakfast that morning that Kara cooked. She made a very yummy quiche! Above, you see us enjoying ourselves on a bench.
Here Frank is enjoying the company of Kara and Peter.
And here is the lovely view. The waves were crashing and it was a wonderfully clear day!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday Homespun Afghan

My latest project which I started, believe it or not, just last night! Works up so quickly on the larger hook (S-35/19mm) and holding together 4 strands of Lion Brand's Holiday Homespun. It has just a little bit of sparkle in it...just enough to make it shine a bit without over powering. You can find the pattern at Worth signing up for so you can have access to oodles of free patterns!
The pattern consists of the simple V-stitch. Crocheting with 4 strands takes a bit of getting used to, but after awhile, it's a piece of cake!
I just love it!! I thought I would bring it to a stitching social I'm going to on Saturday, but it might be done by then!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Beatrix Potter Sampler Finished!

I finally finished Needleprint's Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler!! I am so happy with it...I love the colours of the Viki Clayton hand dyed silks...and I loved the adventure of stitching in a Stitch A Long. It really helped keep me on track.

I used the lightest shade above for the elegant flowers, while below I used the bolder hand dyed of Everlasting...

Now you are about to see the last three motifs that I stitched to complete the sampler...the lower right hand corner. I always like to start in the upper left hand corner of anything I stitch...for some reason, it's a nicer "ride" going from left to right, and then from top to bottom.
Now you see the finished will be awhile before I can get it framed, but I am glad with how beautiful it turned out. Stitching Beatrix was a perfect escape from my daily life, dealing with empty nest syndrome, and the doldrums of the economy.
I'll miss it...but onward to knitting scarves for the holidays!!