Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Big girls!

 Blondi and Luci are almost all grown up!!  They are about 8 months old now.  They love to take over the couch and sit with me while I watch tv or knit.

 They are also very good friends!!  Of course, they have their spats like sisters do!

 They enjoy the great outdoors in the back yard.  They love to chase each other and then relax a bit in the sun.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Sweeties Growing Up

 Luci and Blondi are now beginning their 18th week of life and growing into teenage doggies
 Blondi loves her Daddy's chair.  Of course, to get a rise out of him as he asks, "What are you doing in my chair?"  So funny how the bonding process works.
 Blondi looking very comfortable indeed.
 Blondi is a moose!!  Bigger than her sister Luci!

The earlier weeks when we first got them had me scratching my head about what we got ourselves into, but the hard work and sleepless nights and mornings were so worth it!  They are calming down and even listening to demands like "sit," "leave it," and "settle."  The Puppy Kindergarten did a world of good so continuing on with the dog training for sure!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Girls Growing up!

 Our puppies, Luci and Blondi, are growing up!!  They are bonding with us beautifully, so they get  more together time.
 Blondi loves to romp around in the back yard...
 And Luci is such a sweet girl and eager to please.
 Blondi is growing into a beautiful blonde girl...just love her markings.
 Luci and Blondi both love playing with their toys.

 And with each other!

 Luci can give such funny faces!
Both keep us plenty busy, but they do sleep a lot like babies are suppose to...crate training is going very well.  We also just started Puppy Kindergarten and they both know how to "sit," "come," and walk a bit on a loose leash.  I can't wait to see what else they will learn!!  No Bark comes to mind!!  Ha ha!!