Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rainy Days Making Blankets...

I had some more fleece panels on hand and had pinned them together weeks ago with their respective coordinating fleece backings, but needed a rainy day to sew them all up! So on Monday, I went crazy and did about five blankets! Above is the Degas dancers. I love the artwork fleece panels the best, but they are hard to come by. Below is a collector's item fleece panel with Obama...this one went to my girlfriend Sima who is crazy about Obama, so now she can be all wrapped up by him!
I made two of these Iris panel ones...I'll probably keep one for myself!! I'm sure to gift the other one...

And already a Christmas blanket with this reversible deer...I had two and decided to sew them together...
I'm not much of a seamstress, but I have fun making these blankets!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bunny Visitor!

We have a bunny visitor!! His name is Lincoln, and owner Joey is renting one of our rooms.
Isn't Lincoln cute? We often let Lincoln run around the house or in the back yard! Maggi the beagle doggy is having such fun with her little friend! They tease and chase each other! Maggi even protected Lincoln...for a little while, we had Lincoln's cage outside, but a big bad black cat came sniffing, and Maggi barked wildly looking outside from the kitchen at 2 am one fine morning! So Joey put Lincoln in our dining room since not planning any dinner parties at the moment...LOL.
Lincoln just loves parsley and baby carrots, and I've been spoiling him rotten! But he's such a sweet bunny and he cracks me up with his cute ears and nose...just ignore those devilish eyes!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Project

Last week, I became frustrated with a cute hat pattern I found on used this new-to-me technique of knitting the stitch below or K1B that totally intrigued me, but after a few tries, I started searching for an easier pattern and found it.
I love the thick results of this knitted fabric...stretchy but scrunchy. Also love the Patons Decor yarn which is a worsted yet on the thick side sort of yarn. And the color is a combination of browns and blues called "Sand and Sea."
Here's an illustration of the technique...
It's suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow, so I hope to get some knitting in and get further along with the hat. There's also a scarf pattern with the same K1B stitch that I've suddenly become obsessed neat!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beautiful Valentine's Day

Instead of flowers, I asked Frank that I would rather go to Target and replace some of my geraniums which suffered badly in the cold weather. I also got some alysum since I think they are so pretty and add the finishing touch.
I got three types of geraniums...a pink peppermint colored, red, and a solid pink...the alysum is pure white.
I also replanted the small live Christmas tree that I had given to Peter's dorm originally...he brought it home for the winter break, so I took care of it, and it now has some new growth, so repotted it so that it could grow some more!
Also got some English lavender...I hope I don't kill this one this time!
I just love my geraniums, though, since I have a hard time killing those!!

And I'll keep tending my poor hydrangeas...sigh...they just don't grow for me...and I think the cold weather got to them too, but I do see new growth, so watered them and loosened the soil a bit for them.
So a very nice, sunny Valentine's day for us here in Moorpark, California...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Girl's Birthday...

Over the weekend, I traveled up north to Seaside to visit Frank and to celebrate not only our 23rd anniversary, but our daughter Kara's 21st birthday a few days early...

Kara's always wanted one of those French made Creuset Dutch ovens, but in my shopping, came up with a good imitation at Kohl's which was on sale and by the Food Network. Nicely made and very heavy as a cast iron pot should be!

She had fun opening and was very happy with it! I hope she cooks lots of nice meals in it!!

We got a chance to watch a little bit of the Food Network on the huge tv up where Frank rents his funny to see that the cooking shows actually use the pot that Kara has now! We just had to laugh!

We also got a chance to meet Kara's new boyfriend...very nice guy!

And Frank and I had our Anniversary/Super Bowl mini party!

Wow, just ate too much, and didn't get a chance to take any pictures! But we had fun watching the commercials, and even the game was good this time! I'm glad the Saints won!!

So, I'm home again...sigh...the Maggi dog was glad to see me though...