Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Baby's 19!!

Today, my youngest child Peter turned 19 years old! So hard to believe!! 19 years ago, we were having a time of it popping him out, and now he's this enthusiastic young man in his Freshman year at California State University at Fullerton!
We had a spontaneous birthday party with Peter's friends and a Costco white cake with cream cheese filling and butter cream frosting! So yummy!! So fun to have a house full of Peter's friends again...enjoyed the commotion to its fullest!
I gave Peter this frisbee with the tiger and dragon on it and an Ultimate Frisbee strategy book. That's Peter main physical activity and he does Ultimate Frisbee tournaments...I hope to go to one in a couple weeks!
Here's the crowd goofing off!! This was before they were on their way to bowling!!
Happy Birthday, Peter!!! Love you so much!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Won!!

I had a surprise in my mailbox today...this strange squishy package which felt like yarn was within, but I kept thinking, "I don't remember ordering anything..." Well, as it turned out, I won a contest in one of the magazines I buy!! Unbelievable! Now I don't have to feel so bad when my friends win stuff at the blogs they visit...believe me, I've tried to enter those contests to win stuff at other people's blogs, but it was never meant to be.

The contest was to get the yarn to make the hat on the front cover...simply had to send in your name and address to the email address listed. My guess is that the odds were greater to win through a magazine than on any blog, so it's totally ironic that I won!!
The yarn is Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky color 555 which is a very nice soft pink...
It's so soft! I just love sticking my face into it and smelling it! I'll need to look at the hat pattern again to see if that's what I really do with it!
So what a nice surprise!!! Totally love love love this yarn!!!! I may just look at it and cuddle with it for awhile!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Dog!

Here is my Maggi beagle dog enjoying her Spring time day in the back yard...a very happy doggy!! She just turned 9 last month, and is getting older, but still acts like a puppy to me! She is my constant companion with unconditional love.
And here is Maggi's bunny friend, Lincoln. He's quite a character and isn't afraid of anything. He loves the back yard, and also has run of the house when he behaves himself. There's this one basket in my living room that Lincoln loves to chew on, and he does know better, since when I sternly call his name or clap, he quickly goes away from it. But then slowly, but surely, tries to go back!! Makes me laugh! Luckily, it's not an expensive basket, and has turned into a game.

So Spring has sprung...time to tidy up the back yard again, and I hope this time, it will be done completely. It seems we get started on it, and then it gets too hot for us to continue, and it grows back...I really want to plant some new roses and spruce it up. Wish us luck!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Turbo Knitting

I found out only a week or so ago that my friend Betty wanted a matching hat for her future grandson like the one I made for her. So got my needles out and found some nice yarn...this is the Lion Brand Vanna yarn in a silvery blue. I think it turned out so nice! Above are some booties I decided needed to go along with the hat.
I got my tassel maker out and made, well, what else? Tassels that I added to each corner of the rectangular hat.
I hope the hat isn't too big for a baby's head! He may need to grow into it!

I love how the set turned out!! I hope Betty and her new grandson have fun with their matching hats! Oh, here is Betty with the hat I made for her:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Trip...

I went up to visit Frank again and had a busy weekend. We drove up to Kara in San Jose and together we saw the new Alice In Wonderland 3D movie, and went out for sushi. Then on Sunday, it was Kara's turn to drive to Seaside so that we could visit Carmel and Monterey Bay. Here we are at the beach in Carmel...beautiful! It was a dog friendly beach, so we had fun watching different breeds of dogs frolicking on the sand and testing out the water!! I wonder how our doggy Maggi would do?
We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium again...never get tired of the place! We saw the baby otter and learned that it is being taken care of by a "foster" female otter; and we watched the penguins being fed.
Although it was overcast, it was beautiful outside!!
On our way back to the van, we noticed we had parked near a beach where all the seals hang out! It was incredible! There were so many of them!!
Such a beautiful area...I'm sure there are more trips in my future...

Monday, March 1, 2010

My New Hat!

Hard to take a picture of myself wearing my new hat, but it can be done!
I love how my hat turned out!! Nice and thick! I love the colors too!
The thickness with the K1B technique is really neat!! It's airy too and will be nice to wear when I take the dog for our walks.
Now on to the next project!!! What will it be??????????????