Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ah, to be Cone-less!

Maggi has a new nickname..."winky dog!" I really think she's healing so nicely...the missing eye looks like a wink and she seems so much better. No more pain from the eye pressure, and no more threat of the tumor that was in her eye...the vet who did the surgery is confident he got it all since the cancer was all self contained. Thank goodness the daddy insisted we go to the eye vet specialist who discovered the cancer or else we would have never known.

We had our first very long walk today. Maggi was so happy!! She's adjusting well to the lack of depth perception, and trucks along effortlessly with those little legs of her's.

So we've dodged another bullet, and life goes on!! So glad I have my puppy dog for a little while longer!


Ellen B. said...

Maggi is a gorgeous dog and her new wink makes her only more adorable. Glad the vet got the whole tumor, but still...had to have been a real scare!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Thank you, Ellen! Yes, quite a scare, but the bad eye is out, and a permanent wink in its place. Maggi is much happier without the constant headache she must have had...she's more playful and active we're very happy to have our doggy for a while longer!