Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Conehead Miss Winky dog...

 My Maggi dog gave me sort of a scare the first night when I discovered her rubbing her face...her eye was bleeding!  Just droplets like tears, mind you, but I freaked out and managed to stop the bleeding with tissue and an ice pack, but as soon as I was done, slapped the cone on her and that's where it's going to stay until it's all healed!
 Maggi's been doing lots of sleeping along with having a healthy appetite.
 She has her cute little pink t shirt on to protect the stitches from the fatty tumor that was removed from her right side...everything is healing nicely, although her eye still looks very swollen.
But she's doing so well!!  We had visitors last night when Kara and her friends spent the night for their Nutrition Convention and Maggi was so excited and was such a social butterfly!!!  She could care less that she was a Conehead...we could all learn from dogs, couldn't we??

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Annelies said...

Oh my dogs HATED those poor Maggi will be glad when it is all behind her. Sweet girl. She looks like she is coping very well.