Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gnocchi Time!

Kara's home for her Spring Break from SJSU, and she offered to make gnocchi for us. She learned how to make this during her Food Preparation class for her Nutritional Science Major.
It takes a little practice, but the pasta dough made from riced potatoes is rolled with your thumb over a special gnocchi board...much easier than with a fork...and it makes these neat ridges.
The gnocchi is then gently boiled for a few minutes, and then you can lightly fry it a pan with some marinara sauce, or put in an oven proof dish and broiled until the sprinkled smoked cheese is melted thoroughly on top...both methods tasted so delicious! Definitely stealing this recipe!

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Annelies Dease said...

Oh my gosh.....that looks heavenly!!! What fun that Kara is such a gourmet cook. Hugs to Kara and I know you two will have the most fun Spring Break!!! XXX Annelies