Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Hanukkah!! The Festival of Lights...I so enjoy the tradition behind Hanukkah as shared by my Jewish friends, in particular sisters Elizabeth and Margaret. I so enjoy hearing about their traditions, but I probably only absorb the tip of the iceberg as the tradition is so rich in its history. I admire the strength they've acquired through their faith as well as their positive energy which I feel whenever I'm around them.

So I'm borrowing the Menorah and lighting my own candles. I confess, I did need to google and find out how to light them again! But every year I learn and enjoy the candles in their brilliance again! May everyone out there enjoy their own traditions and derive strength and family unity through them. The true meaning of the season.

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Annelies Dease said...

I love your blog...touches my heart and my soul. We are all created by a loving God. While we may worship in different ways, we are all created to share and show His love.
I, like you, say the season is a time to show our diversity and embrace our differences. Share the history, share the wisdom, share the JOY!!!! XXX Annelies