Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finally...I got to go to Disneyland!!

 Finally got to go "home" to Disneyland, my former employer!!  I really miss the place and it was so fitting that we went during their Halloween season since I never seen it decorated with pumpkins and different spooks before.
 My Haunted Mansion was unrecognizable from when I worked there.  Totally taken over by the Nightmare Before Christmas.
 Frank having a good time...good thing he had his hat to protect him from the hot sun.
 Peter and Catherine all decked out in their CHOC shirts; earlier, they did a fund raising walk for the Children's Hospital.  And many thanks to Catherine's mom Teresa for getting us in the Park.
 Mark Twain on the Rivers of America
 And Walt holding hands with Mickey Mouse
 A large winking Mickey pumpkin as we went from Disneyland to California Adventure
where we treated ourselves to hot dogs and ice cream.  A great time had by all.


viv said...

Looks like great fun. The pumpkins are great.

Meghan said...

So fun! I can't wait to take Donovan for his first trip there!

Annelies said...

what a darling I cannot wait to go again!!!!! Glad you all had so much fun. XXXX