Sunday, July 15, 2012

D23 Disney Exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library

 Just a sampling of what you can see at the D23 Disney Exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library located in Simi Valley, CA.  Walt Disney was a pioneer of animation and these pictures are just a few examples of what he created prior to his beloved Mickey Mouse.

 Below is a replica of Walt Disney's office in Disney Studios.
 There were also plenty of exhibits with props and items from the many movies Disney produced.
 And a nice sampling of items from the Disneyland Park...I posed with this sad little bear who is just as sad as I am that the Bear Country Jamboree was replaced with Pooh many years ago.  I loved working that attraction...spooks and a pirate were also on display from the Haunted Mansion and the Pirates of the Caribbean as well as a boat and jalopy from Peter Pan and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
 Oddly enough, we ran into an old friend of Kara's!!  What a surprise to run into Amanda!
 Peter and his girlfriend Catherine were having a good time!
 The gift shop has this cross stitch kit with a wonderful saying about a woman's strength...I have this kit somewhere that I had previously purchased.  I need to go find it!

 Air Force One is anchored securely on large pillars.  You can board this great plane and see where President Reagan and his staff worked while being transported.  Jars of Jelly Bellies are also positioned throughout the aircraft...but not to sample!
 Outside is a huge panel of the Berlin Wall.
 Here lies President Reagan...
 And a wonderful view towards Moorpark where we live...nice to have a piece of history and a wonderful Disney exhibit for me to enjoy as I get so homesick for Disneyland where I once worked and met so many friends.


viv said...

What a lovely exhibit. So good to hear from you again.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Thanks, Viv!! Sorry I haven't been visiting the VSC group of late...

Annelies said...

Jim and I say over and over again that we NEED to see this library. Looks like a wonderful day. Who knows...maybe we WILL get there someday!!! XXX