Sunday, October 9, 2011

Opa and Oma's Visit to Peter's Place

 Yesterday, I took my parents over to visit my son Peter's was the first time they got to see it.  Also, got a chance to see the rented washer and dryer, and his new bike which he uses as transportation to school.
 Opa thought the kitchen looked pretty good...the boys are keeping the place neat!
 We had a nice chance to visit, and we had fun with Peter's roommate's little doggy...he's part weiner dog and Russell Terrier, so he's a lot of fun and active!
 I'm surprised Spiro the doggy sat long enough for a couple pictures!!!
 Peter showed off his room...he's got it fairly organized and full...wants another organizer for his school books and told him Target was the place to go and to check out the sales.
 Oma enjoyed the tour of the townhome and Peter's room.
Peter looks very happy in his little independent life!!  His girlfriend Catherine came along with us to Souplantation for a bite to eat.  Of course, we stuffed ourselves!!  We had a great time!


Riet said...

Your parents still look so well Jacqueline, they must be happy to be able to visit you all now and then.

Annelies said...

Waving hello from cape cod!!!!! Peter looks happy, which means so are you. Hugs, XXXX

Always smiling said...

Lovely to see your son in his own home.