Tuesday, December 21, 2010


 Usually, it's my daughter Kara who is so talented in baking cookies, but thought I'd give it a try again...it's been many years since I've made cookies on my own, but was thumbing through my very old Mrs. Field's Cookies cookbook, and thought I'd make these:
 So in the oven they went after mixing the flour, sugar, butter, and eggnog together...
 They didn't turn out too bad...doesn't quite make the picture in the book, but I did sprinkle with nutmeg!
 Cooling them off for the cookie jar...tasted them, and they taste ok to me...a little on the crunchy side for kids, though!

Tomorrow, I'll try to make some cinnamon swirl cookies.  The dough is chilling in the frig.

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Annelies said...

Merry Christmas sweet Jacquie!!! Here is to a future full of knitting and stitching!!! XXX Annelies