Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monterey County Fair...

Frank, Kara, Ben and I all went to the Monterey County Fair...a sort of smaller version of what we're used to at the Ventura Fair, but a lot of fun! Also some different things to see...above you see a ride that used to exist at the Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch and is now fair worthy...
Here you see the "Wool Room." And what a room it was!! Numerous ladies spinning the wool into yarn...it was amazing to see!
A baby calf was born the night before we attended the fair...both baby and mom were sleeping, and we were told the birth was a rough one on the mother.
Of course it wouldn't be a Fair without quilts and needlework!! I just loved this Hawaiian quilt made with soft pinks and greens.
And my photo doesn't do this white work quilt justice!! The folds and sewing work on this was spectacular!!
Here you see...an angora rabbit!! More fluff than body as the owner was blow drying before the judging. Not only does she breed these lovely rabbits, but also spins the angora into skeins of yarn, or if you're not into knitting, also sold hats and scarves! Wow, that's what I call really homemade!!

Kara and Ben had fun being "flowers!"
And I love what this cross stitch says about Dogs by designer Lizzie Kate!

We had fun looking at all the exhibits, including the preserves and jams!!And later, we had a lovely ocean view from our table at El Torito! Yummy food and a couple of drinkies topped a wonderful day!!!


Annelies said...

What fun...thanks for taking us along for the fair!!!!

SheilaC said...

You guys had a ton of fun at the fair!!! I LOVE that white work quilt! Gorgeous...

And that bun is just too much ;)


Kathryn said...

Hi Jacquie,
I love this sort of day....when everyone has a good time and it doesn't take too much planning!

Von said...

Ah, El Torito! That thought takes me back to some great memories of friends and good times when we lived in Huntington Beach! :D

Looks like the fair memories will be fun to remember for you all!