Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ultimate Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday, and I spent it with my parents and Peter at an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament that Peter participated in. It was held at the college I graduated from many, many years ago, California State University at Long Beach, so I wore my Alumni CSULB shirt!! I promise next time to wear my Cal State Fullerton MOM shirt next time!!
Peter had a great time and showed so much energy and technique during his play time. I think I sort of understand what's going on now...kind of a combination of football, basketball and soccer!
In the evening, we had Thai food and then indulged in some death by dark chocolate cake!! It was so delicious!!!!
And very pretty too!!!!
You want a bite????

All in all, a very happy birthday!! I got spoiled again with a pretty sweater and some money...which will be put to good use, I think, buying plants for the backyard!!


Pam said...

Happy birthday ...I'm glad you had a wonderful day!!

SheilaC said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Jacquie!!

YUMMY cake :)


Von said...

Happy birthday, Jacquie!! Looks like a great time, but that cake looks amazing!!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I think I had a cake hangover yesterday!!! Seriously!!