Monday, April 26, 2010

Continuing my Birthday Month...

I traveled up North to visit Kara in San Jose, and Frank in Seaside. It was another birthday celebration and I got totally spoiled again with delicious meals, miniature golf, and seeing a 3D movie called "How to Train Your Dragon."

Frank and I first went to Kara's studio where she had fresh strawberries and a very yummy trifle waiting for us. As always, we set a table and chairs outside so that the cat won't get to Frank, but the kitty Beatrix joined us anyway at the was such nice weather!

These pictures are us at BJ'sRestaurant where we had yummy appetizers of lettuce wraps and chips & salsa. Then we split a huge cajun chicken southwestern salad with a huge portion of Calazone stuffed with artichoke hearts and cheese. We split the dishes so that we would have room for cookies with scoops of ice cream on top!! One cookie was white chocolate with macadamia nuts, while the other was oatmeal with walnuts. It was so decadent!!

Sorry no pictures of the miniature golf game, but we had a very good time, and the weather was beautiful, but it helped to give us an appetite for dinner...after dinner, we went to the the Dragon movie which was much better than I thought it was going to be with a pretty good storyline and great visual affects.

So I'm home again. I still have to play with my kitchen toys. And my doggy Maggi was very glad to
see me!!! Such a long drive home!!


Karyn said...

I just discovered your wonderful blog, and as I was reading your posts I noticed that you live in Moorpark, as we spent 7 years living in Newbury Park, though now we live in the cold New England :) I am now a follower.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Thanks, Karyn!! I just write what I feel and about what's going on...nothing real exciting, but I think people can sometimes relate! I have friends who live in Newbury Park, and I used to work at the Weaver's Needle 'n Frame before it went out of business. Hugs to you too!!