Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Baby's 19!!

Today, my youngest child Peter turned 19 years old! So hard to believe!! 19 years ago, we were having a time of it popping him out, and now he's this enthusiastic young man in his Freshman year at California State University at Fullerton!
We had a spontaneous birthday party with Peter's friends and a Costco white cake with cream cheese filling and butter cream frosting! So yummy!! So fun to have a house full of Peter's friends again...enjoyed the commotion to its fullest!
I gave Peter this frisbee with the tiger and dragon on it and an Ultimate Frisbee strategy book. That's Peter main physical activity and he does Ultimate Frisbee tournaments...I hope to go to one in a couple weeks!
Here's the crowd goofing off!! This was before they were on their way to bowling!!
Happy Birthday, Peter!!! Love you so much!


SheilaC said...

Your baby has a great smile! :)


Candice said...

Mmmmm Costco cake!

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday to Peter!

Von said...

Hope Peter had a great birthday! You can't go wrong with a big Costco cake! :D