Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Banana Dog and Saved Roses...

Ahhh, what we put our doggies through! But Maggi, don't you remember all the attention you got when the kids came to the door trick or treating last year and saw you in your Hot Dog outfit?? Just wait until they get a load of're going to have lots of fun...promise!
I know right now, it doesn't seem all that a-peeling!! Ewwwww!

I also was busy painting today. Every time I paint, it's always with this "here's goes nothing" feeling since I have to relearn all over again what to do next. This time, it was an experiment about how to save the rose border that I stenciled over ten years ago when I was making Kara's sweet little girl's room. So I sectioned it off with some blue painter's tape and started painting with this pretty "Summer Green" color hoping it would all work out...well, it did!The neighbor's must've heard my yell of glee when I started pulling off the painter's tape! Turned out so well that I couldn't help but do a little happy dance!! Now to pull the room together!!

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Annelies Dease said...

I could have saved you a vet bill.....I think it was just Maggie busting a gut laughing at her costume!!! The painting is lovely, and I remember doing that same rose design. Great work and a happy dance was well deserved. XXX Annelies