Monday, August 17, 2009

Ventura Fair...

Kara and I decided that dollar day Wednesday at the Ventura County Fair was more affordable than the $90 plus at Disneyland...we had so much fun!! No, didn't do any of the rides, but admired the ferris wheel. Mostly we looked at the booths, ate samples, and viewed various craft exhibits.
Above you see part of the gardening exhibit...I love the pun contained in this flower bed, and we saw an abundance of vegetable gardens. The trend sure has come away from just flowers and grass!! We saw lots of herbal gardens too.
Kara treated me to some funnel cake. We usually hunt down our usual Pennsylvania Dutch booth since this guy puts a light crispiness to his funnel cakes. Sure was delicious!! You could do strawberries on top, but I did my usual powdered sugar! YUM! Anyway, I couldn't find the chocolate covered bacon anywhere!! Probably just as well!!
Kara and I also looked at the bunnies, cows, lambs, pigs and other live she is in front of the baby piggies!! The mom was in the cage too feeding her newborns, but this one was the rundt of the litter. So cute!!

So we had an excellent day...Kara and I spent the rest of the week in Moorpark doing a little shopping and going to It's A Grind with our coupon. Kara also prepared her brother Peter by teaching him how to cook!!!

Kara's back in San Jose, and now Peter's getting ready for his move to Cal State Fullerton...

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Pam said...

Ohhh I love funnel cakes with powdered sugar!! Actually that it was draws me to the festivals around here.

Looks like you had a great time!