Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More stitching done on Beatrix Potter!

Above you see my Beatrix Potter progress for July...did quite a bit to sooth the stresses in my life! I'm currently job hunting and have an important interview coming up.
I just love the carnations in this sampler!
And this little bird turned out so well...
And the bouquet has smatterings of white in the tulips which really brings out a sweetness.
So I'm looking forward to stitching more in August. So much going on. Peter will be moving to his dorms at California State University at Fullerton...he's so excited!!


Sheila said...

Jacquie your stitching is gorgeous and I love the way the different red tones work together! Great job!

Von said...

Love your version of Bea, Jacquie! :)