Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lucy and Blondie are home!!

 We picked up our 8 week old puppies yesterday, but there were also goodbyes to their siblings and parents to be made.  You wonder what goes through their heads?  Have they any idea what adventures are ahead??  Below is sweet Blondie...
 All set to go home as Kara cuddles with Lucy and Will cuddles with Blondie!
 First trip to the back yard...
 And already lots of kisses!
 And belly rubs!
 Both Lucy and Blondie were hungry from the trip home.
 And "Daddy" has the magic touch in getting the puppies to nap!
 Such sweet faces!!!  And lots of mischief to be had in the future!

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Annelies said...

Nothing cuter than arms full of puppies. Merry Christmas!!! XXX