Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kara in Santa Clara...

 I recently drove up to Santa Clara to visit my daughter Kara!!  She has one more semester to go at San Jose State for her degree in Nutritional Science, and then she does her internship and takes the Dietician test...very busy girl!!  Here she relaxes with her boyfriend Ben.
 And here's one of her cats...Boycat!!  She couldn't think of a more appropriate name, but I think the name is perfect for him!!  He's quite the cuddler!!
 Kara's kitchen...nice counter tops and appliances!
 And here are the ladies from Kara's previously employment!  They took Kara out for a Korean lunch and invited me along too!!  Kara moved on to work as a Dietary Assistant at Stanford.
 Here's my girl cooking in her own kitchen!!!  We had a delicious salad with pesto pasta!!
 Kara with the mischievous Boycat!!!!  He slept with me on my blow up bed the last night I was there...actually, Boycat thought the blow up bed was suppose to be for him!!
And here is Beatrix the cat eating her kibble...such a sweet kitty, but a little shy!!

I had a terrific time with Ben and Kara...went out to eat a couple times, and some shopping with Kara...miss my girl very much, but very proud of her for her independent life!!


Kathryn said...

You've got a right to be proud Jacquie! Love Kara's shorter haircut, too.

Johnson said...

Beautiful, and so natural.
It is awesome.
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