Monday, January 10, 2011

Stitching for the New Year...

 I always make it a point to start a new project on New Year's Day, so I decided it was about time I go back to doing some cross stitch and selected Quaker Faith Hope Love by Midnight Stitching.
 I'm using The Gentle Arts Sampler Threads in Oatmeal, Freedom, and Cranberry.  The Quaker Faith is done with the blue Freedom color on a more natural fabric than the pattern called for, but I am liking the contrast and think the colours will pop more especially when I get to the white Oatmeal colour in the Quaker Hope which will be the next motif I stitch.
 As you can see, Maggi the beagle dog enjoys it when her mommy stitches as she relaxes nearby.
 My second project is a cute Cupcake scarf I'm crocheting.  It's coming along quickly, and can't wait to add some embellishments.  I purchased some pretty czech glass beads of many colors which I think will resemble sprinkles and mini pompoms for the cherries!
If you would like this pattern, it can be purchased here:

So I hope these projects give me the kick start I need to move on to bigger projects.  I really want to get over my fear of knitting my alpaca sweater.  I think I've become more experienced as a knitter, so we shall see!!  And I don't want to ignore my other love of stitching again!


Annelies said...

Nothing like a gorgeous Quaker design to get us interested in stitching again. I LOVE my Christmas design, and maybe I might just pick up that needle again. I really like that you don't have to change colors...but you DO have to keep that stitching accurate!!! Great that you are stitching again. XXX

Von said...

Love the linen and thread you've chosen for this Quaker project, Jacquie!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Your cupcakes are coming along nicely. I think the glass beads will look great as sprinkles!