Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Lucky Kitty in a New Home...

Last Friday, we paid a visit to my parents so Kara could deliver a precious rescue kitty...a very cute Calico! Although only 8 weeks ago, this kitten has a very calm and quiet nature, so Kara thought she'd be perfect for her Opa and Oma.
As you can see, it was love at first sight!!! And no wonder...
Happy New Home!! Gosh, this kitty sure traveled far from San Jose to Cypress, California!!
Kara giving the kitty one last good cuddle!! Such sweethearts!!
Kitty making herself at home already with her first meal. After we were sure the kitty was settling in nicely, we traveled on to visit Kara's grandpa who is being well taken care of at an assistant living house.
Frank's Dad was being particularly chipper and talkative this visit which made Frank and his sister Paula very happy! We even had some good laughs even though on occasion we had to remind him who we we just made the introductions all over again. Living in the moment brought us some happy times!


Pam said...

What an adorable kitty!!! How nice to be able to see both your families over the holiday.

Kathryn said...

Hi Jacquie,
I love the kitty, but I also love the way Kara has such a good relationship with her grandparents. It's nice to see isn't it?
Frank's dad looks quite healthy, and your parents always look good.
Hope they enjoy their new kitty!

SheilaC said...

That kitty is too precious!!

How sweet of kara :)


Von said...

Lucky kitten indeed! I hope your parents enjoy her antics. :)