Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quaker Hornbook Finished!

I did the finishing work today for the With My Needle's Quaker Hornbook. Above you see that I had already carefully pressed my stitched piece with a hot dry iron using a tea towel inbetween to protect the hand dyed threads.
Here you see all my tools and supplies assembled. To the right is a small piece of Warm & Natural batting, while to the left is acid free self sticking mat board that's 1/16th of an inch thick.
I pinned the corners of the stitched design to block it a bit.
Here's the "craft size" of the Warm & Natural...only needed a little bit!
Here I adhered the batting to the self sticking mat away without using glue here!
With my cord maker, I created a handmade cord from the same hand dyed thread that I stitched with...Cresent Colours Tartan the blues!
I had in my stash this wonderfully strong quilting thread by YLI which was the same color as my fabric Lakeside linen's Vintage Examplar.
Here I'm lacing the stitched piece to the batted mat board. I made sure that it was taunt and straight.

Here it is ready to be glued to the wooden hornbook which is made of maple...I had a hard time deciding which side to put it on since both sides had such character with knots in the wood. I almost hated to glue anything to it!
All glued on with cording delicately attached around the edges...gently tucked in the ends with a sharp wooden skewer...sure came in handy!
I love how it all turned out!! So glad I didn't put off the finishing like I usually do so that I can enjoy the hornbook! Finishing instructions were very detailed...reminded myself "Just do what it says!"
I added a thin leather strap and it looks so nice!!! You think someone will find it in an antique shop someday??


Anonymous said...

It's so lovely and I love how you documented the finishing process.viv

SheilaC said...

Jacquie I am breathless.... it is gorgeous! :)


Anonymous said...

This is so pretty and so perfect. I love how you took pictures of the step by step process.
Well done! (and wouldn't it be fun to be around in 80 years or so and have some curator try to date this as made sometime in the early 1800's??!!!)

Von said...

It's a spectacular project, Jacquie, and even better that it's totally finished on the wooden hornbook. Congrats!!!

Annelies Dease said...

Just must be SOOOO proud!!!! XXX

Beardie Designs said...

this is just georgeous. I love it.