Saturday, January 2, 2010


So how do we say it?? "Twenty-Ten," or "Two Thousand Ten??" I think I prefer the latter, but however we say it, I hope this is a better year than the last one and that we're on our way to recovery with a new appreciation of what we have and what we will hopefully get back.

A friend of mine came up with an interesting concept from another blog she was pick out a meaningful word that basically represents what you want to strive for in the coming new year. Well, over the last couple days, I thought long and hard. I told my friend that I wished there was a test so I could come up with the perfect one, but she said for me not to worry; that the word would magically appear and be just the right one. She was right. My word for the coming year that I wish to improve upon is "communication." And I hope to improve upon this with my husband, my children, my parents...and everyone.

Words are so powerful and we must not take them for granted. What may be a joke to one person, might be totally something else to another. Words affect people, and what we say or write cannot always be erased from the person's mind. So I plan to be more careful with mine...not that I wasn't careful before, but I'll be much more aware.

So I do wonder what everyone else's resolution will be? I'll just pick this one...and hope that I'm halfway successful with it. It's a big one.

Happy 2010!! However you say it!


Von said...

For me simplicity is the one word that would sum up my goals for the last couple of years. There has been some success, but I'm still working on it.

Your communication idea is also a good one, something that definitely needs to be practiced better in this household, as you can imagine with all the teenagers in the house, lol!

SheilaC said...

GREAT word, Jacquie! And not only YOUR communication, but how you interpret other's communication to you (and what you do about it)

So many ways that this word will work for you!


Riet said...

Happy New Year Jacquie. What a lovely collage of all your family pictures.