Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beatrix Potter Keeping Me in the "Now"

September was a busy month and time for change which I'm not very good at...Kara and Peter are at their Colleges, and Frank has started a new job away from home up in Northern California which is a good 5 hour drive from here, so he stays away for long periods of time.

But thank goodness I have my stitching to help me enjoy the "now" of it all. The repetition of the needle provides great comfort, while the end result does fill me with accomplishment.
I'm still loving the colors of my hand-dyed silks...above is the Everlasting color which lent itself so well to the Quaker carnation.
I decided to personalize the sampler just a little bit...I stitched the "J K" to remind me of my own individuality; of who I really am deep inside instead of the sometimes lost person I've become. Or maybe it just stand for "just kidding." You decide!
Above is my progress so far...the stitch along lasts until the end of this year, but I have this feeling I may finish a bit early. But now for a little bit of crocheting for a change of pace...I'll revisit Beatrix Potter in October.


Riet said...

That sample is going to be beautiful. And the picture says it well. Good job. Have a nice day

Pam said...

Oh my gosh ...what a beautiful sampler this is turning into. I love the color and your workmanship is outstanding.

Deb said...

Hi Jaqueline, this is Deb from the Bea SAL. Thanks for leaving your comments there. Thought I would pop over here to say I love your work. Had a bit of a read of your blog - so sad having all your kids away. I hope they call you often. Take care. By the way the scissor beads you have (is this a breast cancer symbol?) can you tell me where it came from?

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...


I got it from Lois of Elegant Stitch during one of her retreats. She does quite a bit of fund raising for cancer research. I didn't see anything similar for sale at her website, but check it out anyway: Maybe if you call the number there she might have some things that are not on her website. She also has a blog which I have listed along the side.